Once upon a time

There was a girl who’s only desire was to save the world

Through desire and passion she was going to protect the innocent from the monsters that crept in the dark

She was going to take them in her arms and keep them where they could no longer be harmed 

But alas her passion died

She was safe

She had no reason to leave the comfort of her life, to sacrifice for others 

That girl who once burned with the want of helping others died

That girl was me. 

Now I sit and empty shell, that lacks ambition and drive. 

It’s  sad to have known the girl who was going to save the world 

She is gone. 

I am what’s left. 


The initial crackle of the lit wick

The flames slowly build

Making the alluring sent of the wax grow stronger and stronger

The scent fills the air

The warmth of the fire seems to fill the room

The wax is burning quicker now, the fire grows

It dances, teasing the wall with waves of shadow and light

And then, it’s out. 

One strong blow, and it’s gone.